Ask for Help!

Hey Damsels!

I’m not sure when or where we got the misunderstanding that we must all wear an S on our chest and bear the load of 3,000 men. But we women have a way of over extending, over working & over committing ourselves for fear of being seen as weak, lazy or insignificant.

But this week,  I challenge you to ask for help!

There is no shame in asking for aid, or even not knowing where to go to find it. But for the love of all that is good, don’t stay stuck! Don’t suffer in silence because you’re too prideful to reach out or look for external soultions.

I had dinner with my mentor last week and she asked me a simple question that made me evaluate how I show up in all areas of my life; As I was telling her how I have about 9,200 things I need todo, all myself and by yesterday, she interrupted and asked me:

Do you want to be better than your good?

This stopped me in my tracks. Of course I want to be better than my good! What followed was a revelation that I am sure I could have come to, if I would just get out of my own way! So now I am turning this question on you.

Do you want to be better than your good?

If you want better than your good, you can not be a Jill of all trades & master of none! You. Can. Not. Do. It. All. By. Your. Self. & keep your sanity.

Determine where you can delegate tasks. Who else benefits from the task completion? Could they help or take responsiblity themselves? TELL YA HUSBAND TO MAKE HIS OWN DAMN LUNCH, YOUR KIDS TO FOLD THEIR OWN DAMN LAUNDRY AND YOUR COLLEAGUE TO DOUBLECHECK THEIR OWN DAMN NUMBERS!

Considering hiring help. Hi, Maids’R Us I see this Groupon for a 3 room special for $60? Let’s schedule the 3rd Tuesday each month. Hey young man up the street wanna make $20 shoveling my snow? Hello, 1-800-DialACoach, yea I need someone to help me reach my goals. Oh yes I can afford $100 a month. See where I am going here. Hire. The. Help.

Phone a friend for help with a mundane task. You will be suprised how willing people are to assist when you ask from a genuine place.

A closed mouth will never get fed. If you need help, just ask!

I myself know that it’s  difficult to admit that you need help. Its even more difficult to admit to the people you love that you’re struggling/exhuasted/overwhelemed. I hate to admit that I am not the fearless, stress-free, care-free, burden-less Damsel who I aspire to be. In actuality, it is by His grace that I am holding it together.

What is the point of having a tribe if you can’t reach out to them when you’re in distress?

So Damsels, if you’re on the brink of Distress or even if you’re currently in distress but you want better than good, start using the resources in front of you, the wisdom from the people around you.

& as always remember,



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